Currently I’m training as a Digital Artist. I’m building a Real Time Strategy Game from Scratch using Unity and RTS Engine.

I have currently made about 70% of the models myself with 3DS Max, Of those, Iv textured all of them with Substance Painter Indie because Photoshop sucks terribly for that.

My skills are rapidly growing with each day I manage to fully dedicate to this project. I’m happy to donate to community projects or professional works as a volunteer so long as I have time do do so. I have written several tutorials for communities:


[Tutorial] GAIA with ORKframework

[Tutorial] Setting up UGUI MiniMap


[Script] UFPS Single Switch Multiple Platforms

[Design Flaw w/fix] UFPS Muzzle Flash issues caused by inheritence

[Asset Bug Fix] Silver AI under to see player because of trigger collider

[WIP Doomlike Prototype] Single Level ‘Gun Range’


I also have a Deviant Art site I used to update. I no longer use this however.

If you wish to contact me, please use my Facebook Page



From my previous blog:

I have worked in the technology my entire professional career. Span of 2006-Current

As of 2012 I hold the following certifications:

Comptia: A+,Network+, Security+, Project+

CIW:Certified Web Associate

Microsoft:Operating Systems Technologies, Security Fundamentals, Network Fundamentals

I am also well versed in dozens of applications from MS Office (all versions), Remedy ARS, 3Ds Max, MAYA 8, Vray, Thomson One, Visual Basic, GW Basic, DOS, PUTTY, DAMEware, UNICENTER Remote control & Software Delivery and Administrative Client, Hummingbird, Networker

Not only am I skill many specific areas, I am also extremly well versed in version of MS windows from 3.2 to Server 2008 R2, I have also gained expericnce in Ubunto and Unix as well Blackberry support

Recomendations Src:Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=191922780&trk=tab_pro:

“Being in the financial services for many years now, I have seen my share of certified tech reps. I can honestly say Paul Swanson is the most accomplished and responsive tech rep I have had the pleasure to work with–he is one of a kind. Not only is he an expert in his field, he is the best “value add” rep in his group. He not only fixes tech issues, he helps you understand your PC which makes me a stronger advisor. We fondly call him “the wizard”. He is an expert who makes everyone around him better.”

-July 26, 2012

Ray Ferngren MBA CRPC®, AVP, Financial Solutions Advisor CRPC®, Merrill Lynch worked directly with Paul at Merrill Lynch


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