3. Todays Task: Icons

Today was all about making icons that match a predetermined aesthetic.

Here’s How I went about making the icons you see below.


1.  With in Unity I simply dragged one of my prefabs into the editor. And used Snippet to take a sectioned screenshot.

2. Copied it into a Photoshop page, cropped it to match what I wanted to see.

3. Used Image -> Image Size to make it 64×64 pixels. Popped a text saying what it was 3 pixels from the bottom.

Simply saved into my Unity Project as is, Set them all to 2D GUI Sprites voila.

3 Minutes a piece. You dont need a Script to get quality work for Icons. Some simple but time consuming effort and you get better results on your own.

Each one takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on how complicated cleaning up the screen you takes. I made about 50 icons today over the gradual course of the day with breaks in between.

I’m sure you can go even faster given practice, however I was also learning photoshop as I went.

Tomorrow I’ll detail a tip on how I make my Levels as well. 😉


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