2. Building Designs

The single most defining feature of playing an RTS is in fact base building.

Your game can have Turtling or Expansion Play over the course of a game. or like myself you can decide to have both.

In Command and Conquer you have harvesters that need go out and retrieve the Tiberium / Gold. This material deplete over time as you farm it forcing you to hunt down more or defend your supply on smaller maps. This is how games like CnC or SC control the player flow.
CnC allows Turtling by having fairly cheap units but expensive buildings and the Tiberium if managed properly Grows back. This can allow the Players to control the battle flow at their own rate.

SC is much more strict in this resource management. Everything is expensive and if you wanna expand your Max Army size you need to build more supply deploys or Pylons or Whatever the Zerg use. And you will quickly use up you available resources forcing base expansion and preventing Turtling. The theory is the player flow is faster.

For My own I decided I wanted to use both these Mecanics. I have designed 3 different resource types.

Currency – Generated by the Construction Center – Master Building


Metal- Generated by a constructed Drill


Electricity- Generated by a constructed Power Plant


However these will auto generate slowly. So the player will have the option to increase the rate of resource generation by having the Engineer Units retrieve the resources and carry them back to the the StoreRooms.

The Basic Flow will be Construction Center -> Metal Drill -> Power Plant

Barracks – Create Infantry


Factory – Create Land based Vehicles


Airports – Generate Air Vehicles:


Construction Center (Primary Structure):


Defensive Structures — What would a base be without Defensive structures:


You also need Multiple types of Units and Building Variations that separate these factions. Or they would simply be carbon copies of each other. This could simply be aesthetic or stat even unit/building  cost. I have chosen to go with all 3 to manamge balancing.

I have 3 factions.

EU, Mercenary, and Cybernetic.

I will detail the variations in a later post. Once they are actually finalized.


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