1. An initial statement on RTS definition

What originally started a a throw away project to recreate WestWood Studio’s Command and Conquer has become something more. I had wanted to resurrect the CnC games from a time before the taint that is EA touched it.

I had spent a paltry sum of 45 dollars on this: SoumiDelRio’s RTS Engine

It’s the best still being developed RTS sdk that I have found on the store.

Let me be crystal clear on my definition of RTS so there is zero confusion.

Command And Conquers [all of em except for 4 that’s a without question a hybrid MOBA]= RTS

HALO Wars =  RTS

Age of Empire’s [all of em]= RTS

StarCraft I and II = Core game and Core Multiplayer RTS. However there are several mods on Battlenet that are actually MOBA’s

Civilization= NOT RTS. This falls under Turn based Strategy

League of Legends = NOT and RTS. this falls into a separate category of its own. MOBA as it is a hero type battle arena.

Any kind of Tower Defense = NOT RTS this falls into a separate category of its own. Somewhat obviously called….Tower Defense.

A strong distinction is vital when classifying games. You do not want to deceive your players or buyers into thinking your game is in fact something it is not. This is how you alienate your audience. Real Time Strategy is a classic genre and the title for that type of game should be preserved to represent a pure concept. Its fine to add a mecanic here and there of course. However dive too far and you missed the forest for a tree.

I was getting sick and tired of Games that are actually MOBA’s or Tower defense or TBS game get slapped under the RTS classification. Let those game stand on thier own in the proper Genre. That is where they belong. Stop try to drown the actual RTS games under your trifle. To do so is dishonest and makes you a bad developer.

Having seen so much of this happening I decided to set out and try to make my own. I was thinking how hard could it possibly actually be to make one of these if EA could do it. Lets be honest they are not exactly a ‘AAA’ company like they claim to be, outside of the sports genre crap they spew. They are opportunists at best.

This is part of why the Command and Conquer franchise died a sudden death. They observed a market trend and tried to convert a game that was strong enough to stand on its own to follow that trend. and it failed. The CEO at the time decided this was a failure in the genre instead of taking responsibility for betraying fans of the series, and gave it the chopping block. Incase you are unaware of what Im talking about — There was a title called ‘Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

The basic failure in this…and it was easily fixable…Was the decision to remove the core staple of the series out. The removed the base building aspect from the game. Instead replacing it with a Mobile support platform that was only capable of creating a single type of unit. This was a departure from ALL the previous games – presumably in an attempt to reinvent the IP and merge it with the MOBA market. Needless to say the fans did not like it. Reviews were not nice.

That game marked the fall of the entire franchise and was directly responsible for no fewer than 3 different games being canceled. And ultimately left Starcraft I and II uncontested.

Now you know where I stand and my thoughts. With that defined and vented lets begin!


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